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Newest Of Job Vacancy

Ditulis Oleh : Miko Satria D'Kamikaze | Pada Tanggal : 5/01/2012

Job Vacancy
  Job application letter is introducing you to the employer the letter will determine whether the employer will continue to read on and read your resume. The objective of the application letter is to obtain an interview if you have about 70% of the skill asked for then is it worth applying for the position.

  Example of Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Personal Details:
Full Name     : Florentina Putri

Sex               : Female
Place, Date of Birth: Porbolinggo, August 5, 1979, indonesia
Nationality      : Indonesia
Marital Status : Married
Height, Weight  : 165 cm, 53 Kg
Health       : Perfect
Religion    : Moslem
Address   : Perum Bojong, Depok Baru 1, Blok 2T No.3 Cibinong, 16913
Mobile     : 08179854203
Phone      : 021-87903802
E-mail      : Putri.flo@gmail.com

Education Background
1989-1991 : Gajah Mada Elementary School, Proboliggo
1991-1994 : Junior High School No.1 Probolinggo
1994-1997 : Senior High School No.1 Probolonggo
1997-2001 : Accounting departement at the university of Pancasila Jakarta.
Course And Education :
1998-1999 : Computer and Internet course at puskom course Gilland Ganesta Jakarta.
1999-2002 : English Language Course at LBA, gilland ganesta, Jakarta
2002-2004 : Tax Course (Brevet A&B) di Falup, Jakarta
Qualification :
1. Accounting & Administration skills (Joinal Printing & Calculation Ledger, inventory controls, project data updating, teller, salary)
2. Taxation System
3. Computer Internet (Ms. Word, Ms Excel, Ms Power Point, Ms Access, Ms Out Look)
4. Internet Literate
Working Experience:
Period: August 2001, January 2010
Purpose: Permanently Working
Position: Accounting and Taxation Staff
Job's Description:
-Project data updating
-Bussiness Corespondences
-Expratiates Documentation Felling and Following Up
-Appointment Arrangement
-Filling and a data Updating
-Arranged Of Bussiness Trip Schedule
-Meeting Budget Arrangement
-Procurement felling, inventory, control, and administration assistant
-Preparing for break down statement for the project, preparing inter finance, circulation Correspondences and preparing for the presentation materials.
-Inventory Controller
-Preparation of Purchase requirement and purchase order
-Invoice and Payment Arrangement

If the people in Britain want to find job, They could star by registering with the job centre. The job Centre tries to match people with the available jobs. Look at the registration form below:

Jobs Centre Registration Form
Surname: Luanc
Fullname: James Patrick
Date of birth: 14th September 1978
Telephone: 557-1874
Abilities: Can Speak Germany, Use of computer, can signed play guitar
Disabilities: None
Dislike: None

You want to apply for the position of Expert Marketing (EM). You have to complete on application form dealing with the possition you want to apply. PE2AKZ47G8RJ

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