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Insurance Pop Targetted

Ditulis Oleh : Miko Satria D'Kamikaze | Pada Tanggal : 10/17/2016

Insurance ALL RISK that guarantee against loss or damage to the motor vehicle and or interest insured directly caused by accident, evil deeds of others, theft, fire, lightning and others who may cause harm to the vehicle such vehicles as listed Chapter I Article 1 PAKBI (Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy)Standard Policy in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Insurance Indonesia issued by the Insurance Council of Indonesia1. Loss or damage to the motor vehicle and or interest insured directly caused by:1.1. collision or impact, including upside down, slip, fall;1.2. evil deeds;1.3. theft, including the theft preceded or accompanied or followed by violence or the threat of violence as referred to in Article 362, subsection 363 (3), (4), (5) and Article 365 Book of Law Criminal Law;1.4. fires, including:1.4.1. fire caused by fires in other nearby objects, or storage of motor vehicles;1.4.2. fire caused by lightning strikes;1.4.3. damage due to water or other tools that are used to prevent or extinguish fires;1.4.4. dimusnahkannya all or part of motor vehicles on the orders of the authorities in efforts to prevent the spread of the fire.2. Loss or damage caused by the events mentioned above and due to accidents conveyance from any cause during the vehicle is transported by ferry or other crossings tool that is under the supervision of the Directorate General of Land Transportation, for the purpose of crossing.3. Reasonable Costs incurred by the insured, in case of loss or damage as a result of risks that are guaranteed, for preservation, transport or withdrawal to the garage or somewhere else in order to avoid or mitigate loss or damage, shall not exceed 0.5% (half percent) of the price of the insured vehicle.By paying an additional premium, can be expanded with other such guarantees;a. Responsibility to third parties (Third Party Liability)This expansion guarantee reimburse the Insured for:1. Legal liability insured against losses by a third party which is outside the vehicle, which are directly caused by a motor vehicle as a result of risks that are guaranteed Polis, both were resolved through consultation, arbitration or through the courts, both of which received prior approval formerly of Insurers, include:1.1. Damage to property;2.2. Bodily injury and or death.2. The court fees or costs help of experts related to legal liability insured prior approval by the Insurer in writing. Insurer liable for these charges, as high as 10% of the insured limit legal liability (TJH) to third parties listed in the Schedule.b. Natural disasters, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, hail, flood, inundation, landslide or geological or other meteorological phenomenon;c. Riots, strikes, blockades work, brawl, melee, the generation of people, the takeover of power, revolution, insurrection, military power, invasion, civil war, war and hostility, rebellion, terrorism, sabotage, looting.May be useful

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